Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook video downloader tool support facebook watch video, pages video and profile video posts.

Facebook video downloader is best tool to download videos from pages, profiles, watch and reels.

You just need to follow some simple steps to download video from Facebook within just one click

How Facebook video downloader works?

I know you are looking for quick method to download video in best available quality from facebook watch and reels, you can follow steps like:

  1. Go to Facebook watch, reel or Page Video and Copy Its URL
  2. Paste in download input box and Hit “Download” Button
  3. Now after fetching and converting, You will get Available Download Quality
  4. Click on Any resolution quality video and Download as MP4

That’s how you can download your favorite videos easily in best quality and accurately

How to download Facebook reels?

You are browsing a lots of Facebook reels daily and sometime you want to share some reels with your friends as video. But there is not direct Facebook reel downloading option their.

You can downlead reels directly from this tool as mp4 video to your iOS iPhone or android, mac and windows desktop. You will easily share downloaded video anywhere else you want.

facebook reel downloader
Download Facebook Reels

Facebook Watch Video Download Supported

As you know Recently facebook turned video media into watch section. Where all uploaded top trending videos across facebook will be listed according to country and region. Because social media always works with Liks, comments and share ratio.

Facebook Watch VideoVideo MP4 HD , SD (High Quality)
Facebook Reel VideoVideo MP4 SD (High Quality Portrait)
Facebook Page VideoVideo MP4 Square HD
Facebook Reel and watch video Downloader Formats

So most rated videos aka viral videos sometime you want to download. You can just download by copying its URL and pasting in this tool. You can download facebook watch videos as MP4 video in above mentioned few quick steps.