Instagram Video Downloader

Online instagram video downloader free tool, you can download insta videos by just one click

Instagram video downloader (free)

Here is the video downloader for Instagram. It is a totally free online tool that can allow you to download crazy, hot and funny videos . It is a simple and user-friendly tool .You can download your content video simply by copy paste method.

some answer of your questions is given below:

How to use insta video downloader online?

It will take few steps to download any vid to your device

  • Click the three dots at the upper right corner of the video
how to copy instagram video link
  • Click on the “copy link” option
instagram video reel copy link
  • Then paste the link (url)on the url box
instagram video download by paste reel url

You will find your downloaded video in the download folder

Are there any limits to downloading videos through this tool?

No there is no any limit. You can download unlimited Instagram or IGTV videos from this tool and it does not effect on the quality of the video. It will show the maximum quality of the given vid (reel or IGTV).The downloaded video is simply saved to your mobile or PC storage and you can watch it offline whenever you want

No Watermark or Branding Stamps

There is no post processing or watermark placement taken place by this video downloader. You can download original posted content as it from the source website without any manipulation

About Tool Developer Team

Our team is always focused on adding new downloading supported social media and sources to keep this tool helpful. Every update brings many new UI and tool features updates..


Is the Instagram video downloader legal?

This tool is totally legal there is no any problem to use this tool for a professional purpose

Does the downloader work on a private account?

No,it is not possible to download any video from the private is only for the public account. Our company totally condemned any privacy violations for anyone.